What happens to my deposit once I move out?

Once you have handed the keys back the property will be assessed against the inventory carried out at the start of the tenancy alongside any inspection reports. The property is expected to be in the same condition as the day you moved in whilst allowing for Fair wear and tear. Once the property assessment is completed we will discuss any potential claims the landlord may wish to make. Once any deductions have been agreed you should receive your deposit within 7 working days. In the case of disputed deductions both parties can submit evidence to the DPS ( Deposit Protection Scheme ) for a third party ruling.

What if I want to end my tenancy early?

Your tenancy agreement is a legal binding contract that your landlord has to adhere to and so do you. If you leave before the end of your tenancy agreement you are still be liable for the rent, utilities and all charges associated until the fixed term of your agreement has expired. A formal “surrender“ may be requested from either party but the terms and conditions have to be agreed, this might include financial compensation for any costs or inconvenience incurred.

I want to give notice to end my tenancy what do I do?

If you would like to end your tenancy the procedure is straightforward. Check your tenancy agreement to confirm the end date of your fixed term and notice period required. You can give notice to end your tenancy in writing to us at the office or by email (we require notice from each named tenant on the tenancy agreement). Typically, 1 months notice is required (as long as this falls after the last day of your fixed term – if applicable), if you are unsure call us on 0116 267 4049 for assistance.

If I have a problem how do I report a repair?

If you have a maintenance or repair issue it is important you report it to us as soon as possible. You can do this online by clicking here or by calling 0116 267 4049, we will contact your landlord to arrange any repairs. If landlord is under our management service we will contact and liaise with the appointed contractors.

Who pays the council tax?

It is your responsibility to pay the council tax unless stated otherwise on the tenancy agreement.

Who notifies the utility companies that I have move in?

If we manage the property we will initially notify the utility companies, but it is your responsibility to set up your account and pay the bills. In the case of a property we manage we will take meter readings at the start and the end of the tenancy, if we don’t manage the property we always advise you take meter readings at the start and end of your tenancy.

What are my responsibilities?

As a tenant your responsibilities are as follows: – To pay the rent on time and in full – To pay the utility bills – To pay the TV licence unless the tenancy agreement states otherwise – To maintain the gardens if applicable – To keep the property clean and tidy – To do general household maintenance for example changing light bulbs – To make sure the property is kept secure at all times – To keep the property ventilated – To clean the windows – To dispose of all rubbish – To report repairs or any maintenance issues as soon as possible – To respect the neighbourhood and not to cause any disturbance or unnecessary noise

Do I need insurance?

You are responsible for insuring your own personal possessions, so we strongly advise you take out your own content’s insurance. Your landlord will be responsible for insuring the building, but their policy will not cover your items.