Application Process

Securing The Property

Before we process your application, you will need to pay the Holding Deposit which will reserve the property until the application is complete. Only if your application is approved will the property be marked as Let Agreed, until this time we will continue to market the property but will not take any further viewings.

Application Forms

You can either collect some application forms from our office or we can email you the forms, so you can print them off at your convenience.

Please ensure you answer the forms as fully and accurately as possible (ensuring ALL mandatory fields are completed).

Please Note: any false information could be interpreted as a fraudulent application.

We will then book an appointment at our office for you to attend with the completed forms and your id.

As part of the application process we will carry out a Credit Search – If you have any bad credit, for example CCJ’s, Bankruptcy or arrears this check will highlight your credit history so be honest and declare any bad credit. If any bad credit is found and not disclosed this could lead to your application being rejected by the landlord, if you do declare this we may ask for a Guarantor.

Proof of ID – You will need to produce original ID from the below list:

Photo ID:    

  • Passport
  • Residents Card / Residents Permit
  • Driving Licence

(Please Note: If you use your Driving Licence you will also need to produce your Birth Certificate for the purpose of right to rent checks)

Proof of address:    

  • Utility Bill
  • Council Tax Bill
  • Bank Statement

Proof of Income – You will need to produce your last 3 months Wage slips as proof of your income. If you are self-employed, we will need your last 3 tax returns and 3 months bank statements.

Previous Landlord – If you have a previous landlord, we will need to contact them for a written reference. We will need you to provide your landlords or letting agents’ details for this process.


A guarantor may be required if you haven’t been employed for longer than 6 months, or you are not in permanent Full Time employment (such as a probation period), or if the rent is more than 40% of your annual income, a guarantor may be needed.

Your guarantor will go through the same referencing process as you and will agree to take joint responsibility for the rent of the property. The guarantor will be liable to pay any rent arrears and for any damages the deposit does not cover.

A guarantor must be a property owner within Leicestershire and have a basic salary equivalent to 3 time the annual rent.

Holding Deposit

If you are invited to apply for the property you will be requested to pay a Holding Deposit equal to 1 weeks rent (as advertised in the property description).  The Holding Deposit can be held for a maximum of 60 calendar days or until the commencement of the assured shorthold tenancy, which ever happens first. If an assured shorthold tenancy is granted by the landlord, the Holding Deposit will be used for part payment of the first month’s rent.

We may deduct and retain funds from the Holding Deposit for any of the following reasons in the event that an assured shorthold tenancy cannot be proceed:


  1. If the Applicant fails to provide any of the documents or evidence listed in the section above titled Required Document & ID within 7 days of the viewing (unless otherwise agreed).


  1. If the Applicant(s) has provided false or misleading information, which is sufficient enough to prevent them from being granted an assured shorthold tenancy.


  1. If the Applicant(s) are unable to take up occupation of the property under an assured shorthold tenancy because of their immigration status under Section 21 of The Immigration Act 2014 (persons disqualified)


  1. If the Applicant notifies the Agent before the end of 60 days from the signing of this Application Form or before the commencement of the assured shorthold tenancy, whichever comes first, that they no longer wish to proceed with the tenancy.


The below costs may be deducted from the holding deposit if an assured shorthold tenancy does not proceed due to any of the above reasons, these costs are to cover the loss and costs incurred by the agent and/or landlord in the failed application to include but not limited to the following:

  • Referencing Cost – £60 Inc Vat (per applicant 18+)
  • Tenancy Alteration – £50 Inc Vat (per alteration)

Default Fees

Late Rental Payment

In the event of any default, interest of 3% above Bank of England base rate will apply to any rent due from the day of any default. The interest can only be charged in the event that the rent default continues for a minimum of fourteen days after the rent default occurs. For the current Bank of England base rate please visit the following website

Lost Keys / Security Device

Pay the Landlord for the reasonable cost of providing replacement keys or security devices for the property up to a maximum of £50 inclusive or greater where the Landlord has receipts or evidence to show such costs have been incurred

Amendment or Changes to Tenancy

Pay the Landlord a maximum of £50 inclusive or greater where the Landlord has receipts or evidence to show such costs have been incurred, for each amendment/change to the Tenancy Agreement requested by the Tenant and agreed by the Landlord.

Early Release Surrender

Pay the Landlord, where a surrender of the tenancy has been agreed, any losses incurred by the Landlord on acceptance of the surrender, which could be but not limited to the remaining rent for the term, re advertising costs, utility supply costs, council tax and costs for any legal services retained.